It Could’ve Happened in Wayne County…

…Except Shelby County Beat Us To It!

This year’s Duh Award clearly belongs in Shelby County, Tennessee, where we see what can happen when egotistical cops over-enforce the seat belt law:

What happens when egotistical cops over-enforce the seat belt law...

Hey!  Seat belts DO save lives…


"Who loves ya, baby"

“Who loves ya, baby”


Not that Wayne County Deputy Sheriff J****h Ay***e didn’t try his hardest to win this award himself back in January 2013, but that confounded subsection 7 exemption booted him right out of the running (not to mention the lack of utility poles out in beautiful, not-so-downtown Sodus, Wayne County, NY).   However, I would like him to know that I tried to persuade the committee to keep the award in Wayne County, where it belongs…but you gotta admit, this guy outdid even Deputy Ay***e in risking life and limb to protect the innocent citizens under his watch from the horrors of un-belted motor vehicle operators infesting their neighborhoods…
…although I do have a hard time figuring out how someone “lost control” of a cruiser while simply “turning [it] around”…unless maybe he got all confused while searching through all the junk in his squad car for his ticket book (and a pen) and maybe stepped on the gas instead of the brake…

How many dumb-ass cops does it take to rescue another dumb-ass cop from his own stupidity...

Question:  How many dumb-ass cops does it take to rescue another dumb-ass cop from his own stupidity…Answer:  As many as you can cram into 4 squad cars and an unmarked cruiser…WITH their ticket books, of course! (Courtesy News 4 NBC in Memphis, TN and Google Images)

MEMPHIS, TN, April 30, 2013 ( – A Memphis police officer was issued two citations after he lost control of his squad car and got stuck on a utility pole Monday night.

The accident occurred at Whitehaven Lane and Elvis Presley Blvd just after 7:30 p.m. on Monday, April 30.

According to the officer involved, 28-year-old Jonathan Bond, he was headed southbound on Elvis Presley when he saw a driver pass him not wearing a seat belt. Bond said he tried to turn around to pull the vehicle over, but lost control and hit the curb and guide wire on a utility pole, which caused his squad car to run up the pole and come to a rest vertically. Nobody was injured.

Officer Bond was issued a citation for failure to maintain proper control of his vehicle, and for hitting the utility pole.

MPD Officer Cited for Getting Squad Car Stuck on Utility Pole.

But you gotta luv the Memphis police who, when finding themselves with a handful of lemons, learn very quickly how to make lemonade (this according to, Memphis, TN):

ticketWhile some of you are asking how something like it could happen, others were asking why police spent time writing tickets to passersby who stopped to take photos.

Police would only tell News Channel 3 officers write tickets when drivers slow traffic

(…but evidently didn’t bother to mention the ones they write to pedestrians who take photos of their tax dollars run up a pole by Officer Duh…)


Winning, duh…

Congratulations to Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee, for winning this year’s Duh Award, because they have proved, beyond any reasonable doubt, that they reallyreallyREALLY WannaBe Wayne County!

And, to Deputy Sheriff Ay***e, don’t be sad, maybe you can be Officer Duh next year…


I’m [the short old lady with that confounded subsection 7 exemption], and I approve of this message.


More stupid 585-er’s:

What, don't they have trains out in Monroe County????

“When the Good Lord said “brains,” you thought he said “trains,” and you (almost)  missed yours…” Image Courtesy News10, NBC 02-18-13

Some people are just too stupid to live in Wayne County — if they tried, we’d throw them out:  As reported by News Channel 8, CBS Rochester, NY, 02-17-13:

“Crews were on the scene Thursday night of an Amtrak Train that collided with an empty car.  The accident happened near the intersection of Route 350 and Quaker Road.  . .

. . .The driver, XXXXXX of Fairport [WHICH IS IN MONROE COUNTY], and three passengers got out of the car when they saw the train coming.

Thank God they were smart enough to get out of the car…too bad they weren’t smart enough to push it off the tracks BEFORE the train smashed into it…

…we may be from Wayne County, but only some of us are as dumb as a rock…none of us would drive our cars onto train tracks and leave them there…because we like to drive our cars, not carry them home in a boxdepositphotos_5653594-Car-parts…just sayin’…

After I saw this I quit pickin’ on Wayne County…for about a day…

See?  Wayne County isn’t all bad. . . this lovely home isn’t even in Wayne County, it’s on the road to Schulters in Rensselaer County over by Vermont. But if it *were* in Wayne County, someone would probably be living there. . . Merry Christmas, 2002!

Hey, at least the driveway is shoveled!  and no wheels on the house!  I don’t see any pick-ups propped up on blocks, either.  That’d be one nice piece of real estate if it was dragged over to Rt 31 near the canal and painted dark green. . .

Lest you think I’m picking on Ontario as the Center of Stupid. . .

Windows. . . they are so overrated. . .

I am.  ‘Cuz it is.

But there is always Irondequoit, beautiful on the bay. . .except that it’s in Monroe County.

And this post isn’t funny anymore.  :-(


badge (1)casket (1)Note: These sad-looking homes, once vibrant, stand as silent testimony right down the street from the tragic and horrible West Webster Fire, where two firemen lost their lives and two others were injured while innocently responding to a fire call. Instead of saving lives and protecting property, they were actually shot at, for some unknown reason, by one William Spengler, who had set his home and car afire to attract and then trap the first responders, whom he picked off, one by one. In addition, seven homes burned to the ground. . .and all of this on Christmas Eve! (2012) While Wayne County, Land of Stupid is meant to be funny and a bit sarcastic, there is nothing funny about what happened in West Webster, and we take this moment to bow our heads, in prayer and sympathy, to those who lost loved ones and property in this senseless act of terror. May God bless them all, and may they find comfort in His love and in the love and trust of their friends, both private and public. We will never forget!