About: What’s so bad about Wayne County?

"Mad" Anthony Wayne -- and who can blame him?

“Mad” Anthony Wayne — and who can blame him?

No wonder he’s mad. . . a Revolutionary War general, leader of the victorious surprise attack on Stony Point, who remained in the service of his country until his death in 1796 at the age of 51–and his name is honored by representing the poorest county in New York.   I’d be pretty mad, too, I guess.

Actually, living in Wayne County isn’t as bad as all the radio-station 315-er hype would suggest.   It is admittedly overwhelmingly redneck out here, and don’t even try to get good TV or cell phone reception, but there are wide open spaces that are clean, attractive, and much appreciated, if not by those who were born here at least by those who have moved here from crowded suburbia or city-side dwellings.  Lakeside living, be it on the shores of Lake Ontario or those of the Finger Lakes, abounds for those so inclined.  The trailer life is indeed an unfortunate part of Wayne County, but so it is in other counties as well.   The lack of education is sometimes too apparent, especially when the natives achieve stations of official capacity (like in the Justice Court ++sigh++ which out here is nothing but an oxymoron, the “moron” part being especially accentuated), but if you can avoid them, life can actually be pleasant out here amongst all the apples and grapes, and you can always drive out to Monroe County to enjoy the more sophisticated aspects of life not available within that mass of land intended to honor the illustrious General Wayne, feeling quite satisfied knowing that you are not subject to the tangled (and expensive) political structure that plagues Monroe County… here in Wayne County, even with all the problems we have, that kind of mess just couldn’t happen.



This is probably a good place to put all the legal stuff:

Please be advised that nothing posted herein represents any person and/or event, real or imagined, that may or may not have occurred at any time since the beginning of the world up to and including this very minute.  Therefore, any similarity to any person and/or event, real or imagined, that may have occurred since the beginning of the world up to and including this very minute is unintentional, unwarranted, could not have been predicted by any reasonable person, and thereby creates no harm (other than that produced by your own paranoid fantasies, and I am not responsible for THOSE).   In other words, I’m not talking about YOU, okay, and if you think I am you are wrong.  So, don’t threaten me with your smarmy lawyer or with Deputy Sheriff Br***s.

Instead, do this:

  1. Make note of the URL and then exit this site.  Put your note (with the URL on it) in a safe place.
  2. Clean your cookies (the cyber kind) and cache to eliminate all traces of the URL noted in step 1.
  3. Do not visit this site again.
  4. Search the Internet for something that pleases you.  There’s lots of stuff out there, and I am sure you will find a blog or two that will make you forget all about this one.
  5. In performing Step 4, please do not forget Step 3.  In fact, refer to your note made in Step 1 ut necessarium to avoid inadvertent redirection here.

Everything should be all better now (for both of us).  ‘Bye, and thanks for your cooperation.


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