It’s Sooooooooooo Wayne County. . .

Except it’s not, it’s Monroe County, the Land of Intelligence and Affluence, home of the UofR, RIT, Pittsford, and Maggie Brooks. . .you’d think people this smart wouldn’t need a sign telling them not to hit the light poles:


I guess your right, they don’t need a sign.  They need two of ’em:


Query:  If you are as dumb as a rock, will you still be able to read warning signs?


2 thoughts on “It’s Sooooooooooo Wayne County. . .

  1. Oh, I know all about Nesbitt first-hand! when I had to correct “Rick” and “Chris” about their deficient knowledge of seat belt law ;-) Nesbitt was so angry when he had no legal choice but to rule in my favor — I found that out when I was called for jury duty a few months later. SOOOOOO funny!!! I wrote about it on my other blog on New York’s “justice courts”:

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