More stupid 585-er’s:

What, don't they have trains out in Monroe County????

“When the Good Lord said “brains,” you thought he said “trains,” and you (almost)  missed yours…” Image Courtesy News10, NBC 02-18-13

Some people are just too stupid to live in Wayne County — if they tried, we’d throw them out:  As reported by News Channel 8, CBS Rochester, NY, 02-17-13:

“Crews were on the scene Thursday night of an Amtrak Train that collided with an empty car.  The accident happened near the intersection of Route 350 and Quaker Road.  . .

. . .The driver, XXXXXX of Fairport [WHICH IS IN MONROE COUNTY], and three passengers got out of the car when they saw the train coming.

Thank God they were smart enough to get out of the car…too bad they weren’t smart enough to push it off the tracks BEFORE the train smashed into it…

…we may be from Wayne County, but only some of us are as dumb as a rock…none of us would drive our cars onto train tracks and leave them there…because we like to drive our cars, not carry them home in a boxdepositphotos_5653594-Car-parts…just sayin’…


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