Lest you think I’m picking on Ontario as the Center of Stupid. . .

Windows. . . they are so overrated. . .

I am.  ‘Cuz it is.

But there is always Irondequoit, beautiful on the bay. . .except that it’s in Monroe County.

And this post isn’t funny anymore.  :-(


badge (1)casket (1)Note: These sad-looking homes, once vibrant, stand as silent testimony right down the street from the tragic and horrible West Webster Fire, where two firemen lost their lives and two others were injured while innocently responding to a fire call. Instead of saving lives and protecting property, they were actually shot at, for some unknown reason, by one William Spengler, who had set his home and car afire to attract and then trap the first responders, whom he picked off, one by one. In addition, seven homes burned to the ground. . .and all of this on Christmas Eve! (2012) While Wayne County, Land of Stupid is meant to be funny and a bit sarcastic, there is nothing funny about what happened in West Webster, and we take this moment to bow our heads, in prayer and sympathy, to those who lost loved ones and property in this senseless act of terror. May God bless them all, and may they find comfort in His love and in the love and trust of their friends, both private and public. We will never forget!



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